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Cataract Surgery Pack Comprising: 1 x Anterior Chamber Cannula 27g x 4mm, 1 x Kidney Bowl 10" / 25cm, 1 x Lacrimal Cannula Curved 21g x 28mm, 1 x Needle Green 21g x 1.5 Luer Slip/Luer Lock, 2 x Syringe 3ml Luer Lock, 1 x Bowl 120ml Graduated, 1 x Universal Eye Shield, 1 x Ophthalmic Drape Foil 132cm x 142cm with Incise 13cm x 9cm, 2 x Arm Board Covers 35cm x 80cm, 1 x Kratz Barraquer Speculum, 1 x Forceps Colibri Toothed 9cm, 5 x Gauze Swabs XRD 10cm x 10cm 16ply, 1 x Capsule Polisher 27g Silicone Tip, 1 x Sponge Holder Plastic 24cm, 1 x Eye Pad, 1 x Single Drape 90cm x 90cm, 1 x Cannula Cystotome Irrigating 25g x 5/8 Formed, 1 x Eye Spears Pack of 5, 1 x Cannula Hydrodissection 25g x 22mm, 1 x Back Table Cover 152cm x 152cm, 1 x Scissors Basic Ophthalmic 9cm Blunt, 1 x Syringe 1ml Luer Lock, 1 x Drysdale Manipulator.

Detailed Information
Sterile Yes
Case Quantity 8
Latex Free Yes
Minimum Order 1 x 8
Single Use Yes

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